An Ada binding to Tcl/Tk


Imagine creating platform-independent graphical user interfaces, accessing file and directory information in a platform-independent way, performing regular expression pattern matching and using associative arrays as easily in Ada as you can in scripting languages such as Perl, Tcl, and awk. You can with TASH, a freely available Ada binding to Tcl/Tk.

And, you'd be using Ada, the best compiled system implementation language available today, where “engineering” and “design” are not dirty words!


The current version of TASH, 8.4.1a, has no new features over previous releases. This is a release just to update TASH to the latest version of Tcl/Tk (8.4.1) and GNAT compiler (3.15p). For more information, see Release Notes.

Get started right away

To get started right away installing and using TASH, go directly to the Download page.

About TASH

TASH is a freely available Ada binding to Tcl/Tk. It is not a scriting language with an Ada-like syntax. With it, you can extend Tcl with Ada instead of C and you can use Tcl capabilities in an Ada program. To read more about TASH, see Introduction to TASH.

About Tcl/Tk

Tcl/Tk is a great language in the family of scripting languages such as Bourne shell, C shell, and Perl. Tcl is easy to learn and is very portable. To learn more, go to any of these great sites:

About Ada

Ada is a great systems programming language. It is a modern object-oriented, mission-critical language. To learn about Ada, go directly to David Botton's Ada Power site. I also encourage you to consider joining ACM SIGAda.